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Operations  (3 Positions) 
Maintenance Associate Working knowledge of all aspects of processing equipment, mechanical,, plumbing and controls.  We are looking for a candidate that has PLC and strong electrical background. High school diploma or GED is required with two or more years experience in Industrial Maintenance. Apply Now
On Line Trimmer Inspect parts for defects and proper assembly. High school diploma or GED. Able to lift up to 25 pounds. Apply Now
Press Operator Operates rubber injection presses and related equipment to produce finished products requiring further assemble of components. High school diploma or GED.  Able to life up 25 and occasionally 50 pounds. Apply Now
Customer Service  (1 Position)  
Customer Service rep Able to work with customers by phone and by e-mail.  Customer contact a must.
•    Prepare shipping line ups, processing necessary paperwork and sending of ASN’s as required
•    Daily contact with freight carriers for customer pick up
•    Responsible for customer correspondence, orders and data base maintenance for all assigned customers
•    Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, e-mail and knowledge of data bases used in the fully integrated system environment.
2 year Associates Degree Business related or 2-4 years experience in Customer Service and/or shipping in a manufacturing environment. Apply Now
Accounting  (1 Position)  
Controller •    Maintains a documented system
•    Manages outsourced functions
•    Oversees the operation of the Accounting Department
•    Designs an organizational structure
•    Ensures that all discounts are taken in Accounts Payable
•    Maintains Account Receivables department are collected promptly
•    Manages the payroll process
•    Ensures bank reconciliations are complete
•    Makes sure all debt payments are made in a timely basis
•    Keeps accurate charts of accounts and can build financial statements
•    Keeps a system of controls over accounting statements
•    Prepares corporate reports
•    Manages the production of the annual budget and forecasts
•    Manages yearly accounting audit
•    Knowledgeable in cost accounting and fixed assets accounting
Must have atleast a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with 3-5 years experience Apply Now
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